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The comprehensive Essential Spanish guide book will lead you from beginner to Spanish mastery once you complete all the lessons. Based on research they say, that if you did not learn Spanish as a child it will be difficult to learn. This is not true, I started learning Spanish at the age twenty-nine years old after being in a car wreck. I became a Certified Bilingual Educator that has published Bilingual Books with English as my first language. It does not matter what heard about rolling your r’s being difficult, that is a myth.


Language Ladders is here to change your mind about learning another language. The truth is, if you really want to learn Spanish, you can with our unique program. So, ditch the textbooks and endless lists of vocabulary and grammar rules. This simple and easy book gives you the perfect tools to learning Spanish quickly.

Language Ladders Essential Spanish: "Come Climb the Language Ladder with us for

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